NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        NOVEMBER 2016

Sales of Cleanroom Consumables Will Exceed $8 Billion Next Year

Cleanrooms will spend just under $8.2 billion for consumable items next year. This is the latest forecast in World Cleanroom Markets.  All the products which are used in a clean environment differ from standard products in that they cannot contaminate the cleanroom environment.  East Asia will be the largest purchasing region followed by NAFTA.


The semiconductor industry will be the largest purchaser followed by other electronic segments.  The pharmaceutical industry is relatively small, but has its own unique requirements.

1  Semiconductor
2  Other Electronics
3  Pharmaceutical
4  Flat Panels
5  Other Industries
6  Hospital
7  Cleanroom Suppliers
8  Medical Devices
9  Food
10  Aerospace
11  Bioclean

Gloves will be the leading single revenue generator although numerous miscellaneous supplies grouped together create a larger category. Cleanroom laundries will generate revenues of nearly $1.5 billion.  Since laundries often rent garments, the laundry and reusable garment markets should be analyzed together.

1  Supplies
2  Gloves
3  Laundry
4  Wipes
5  Reusable Clothing
6  Disposable Clothing
7  Paper

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