NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         August 2017

550 Companies buy 80 percent of the Fabric Filter Equipment and Bags

$13 billion will be spent for fabric filter systems, equipment and bags in 2018. 80 percent of the total will be spent by just 550 companies.  The top 50 purchasers will account for more than 40 percent of the total.  The top five cement companies will purchase 20 percent of the fabric filter products purchased by the segment and 9 percent of the purchases by all industries.

Fabric Filter

The forecasted purchases for each of the 550 companies segmented by region as well as in total are provided in N021 World Fabric Filter and Element Market.  Continuous revisions to the estimates are provided in this on-line system.

Remote monitoring of bag performance and cloud based analytics will allow corporations such as Arcelor Mittal, BASF, Lafarge, and Duke Power to upgrade to the bags, cleaning mechanisms and designs which result in the lowest total cost of ownership.  These end users will be empowered with knowledge which will make them less reliant on sales support. They instead will be looking to discuss technology at a high level.  Furthermore, they will increasingly expect instant answers delivered through digital mobile communications. This change dictates a new approach to sales and promotion which is outlined at Marketing Program for Combust, Flow and Treat