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The IIoT and Remote O&M Segment of Renewable Energy is Growing Faster than the Industry

Because wind and solar turbine generators are small compared to fossil generators and because they are typically installed in remote locations the need for remote monitoring and operation is greater than for fossil plants. Mcilvaine is tracking the increasing use of IIoT in renewable energy facilities in its IIoT and Remote O&M report

Last year global renewable energy generation capacity increased by more than 161 gigawatts (GW). At the end of 2016, the planet's renewable energy capacity was 2,000 GW. 

With 70 GW new solar energy led the way. Wind energy grew by 50 GW, hydropower increased by 30 GW and bioenergy 9 GW.

The top 25 owners account for 41 percent of global cumulative wind power capacity. A merger in China will create a single owner with total capacity much greater than any other.

Shenhua Group Corp, the country’s top coal miner is merging with China Guodian Corp, among its largest power generators. With assets of 1.8 trillion yuan ($271 billion), the new entity will be the world’s second-biggest company by revenue and largest by installed capacity. The new company will have installed capacity of more than 225 gigawatts, topping Electricite de France EDF) and Enel

Guodian is the largest wind farm owner with 32 GW of wind capacity

  • in the Americas, the largest asset owners have gradually increased their market share of wind assets. The top 25 owners account for 51percent of the Americas 100 GW of installed wind power capacity.  
  • BHE which was # 14 globally is also the U.S. leader and is increasing its market share. Mcilvaine is providing a unique decision system involving all of the BHE plants  

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