NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         February 2018

Shale Boom is Boosting IIoT Revenues

The booming U.S shale market is a major contributor to the increasing revenues for IIoT products and services.   Guide revenues which include process management and subject matter expertise will grow at 10 percent per year during the next 5 years to reach $3.36 billion by 2022. Revenues for control and measurement will be rising at 7 percent per year.


McIlvaine conducted a webinar on February 7 with two slide decks.  This webinar was recorded, and the recording is available free of charge.  The actual slide decks are only available to subscribers to the McIlvaine IIoT and Remote O&M report.  Here is the table of contents to the webinar.

Shale Slide Deck One:  Markets, Processes, Players


Introductory Note

Shale Oil Markets

Oil Price Trends

Oil Price Factors

Gas Supply and Demand

U.S. as Net Exporter

Shale Gas Market Overview Map

Shale Gas Market Overview Reserves

Shale Gas Market Observations

Shale Gas Market Asia

Shale Gas Market Factors

Shale Oil and Gas Reserves by Country

Compressor, Valve and Pump Opportunities Graph


Shale Gas Extraction, Processing, Transportation Diagram

Shale Gas Reserves by Basin

Crude Oil Pipelines

Shell Ethane Cracker Project

Shell Ethane Cracker Process Diagram

Natural Gas Processing Well Head to Customer Diagram

Tank Vapor Recovery System Diagram

LNG Liquefaction Process

Compressor Station Equipment and Process Flow Diagram


Top 10 Producers

Largest Shale-Focused Companies

Shale Slide Deck Two: Combust, Flow, and Treat Options Related to IIoT


Accenture Uber for the Field

WiPro Integrated Agility

Rejuvenated Shale Industry Will Leverage Digital

Shell has Worldwide Enterprise Agreement with OSIsoft

OSIsoft Penetration of the Oil and Gas Industry

Infosys Centers of Excellence

Futura optimizes Fracking Truck Performance


If Gas Leakage Exceeds 3% Methane Emissions are Greater than with Coal

Hydraulic Actuator Position Feedback for Control and Shut Off Valves- Balluff

Danfoss Components in Fracking Operations

Valve Applications in Emergency Shut Down in Shale Operations – Emerson

Solar Powered Rotork Actuator replaces Bleed Gas in Shale Produced Gas System

Butterfly Valves are a Cost-Effective choice for Shale Fugitive Emissions

Bentek Pump Controls

Emerson Asset Management and Predictive Measurement

Emerson Instruments in Shale

Emerson provides Solution for Emergency Shutdown with Gas Containing H2S

Pump and Truck Suppliers

New Approach to Reduce Frac Sand Costs with Sand Pods

Gardner Denver offers Five Different Pump Models

EPIX is Weir, Rolls Royce Joint Venture

U.S. IIoT Opportunities in Oil and Gas

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