NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         June 2018

Forecasts for 33,000 Purchasers of Combust, Flow and Treat Products Now Available

Forecasts for specific combust, flow and treat products and services can be provided for 33,000 production facilities around the world. On the average these 33,000 purchasers will buy 60 percent of the total. Forecasts are available for four types of pumps, sixteen categories of valves, fifteen types of cartridges, macrofilters, membranes and other types separation equipment. Forecasts are available for various software, controls, and instrumentation as well as a number of air pollution products such as dust bags, nozzles, mist eliminators, various treatment chemicals, and specific fan and compressor products.


Most combust, flow products are replacements of existing products. Nearly all products are purchased by previous purchasers. Therefore future purchases can be accurately predicted. These forecasts rather than sales leads can be the foundation of the marketing program.

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