NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         June 2018

Predict the Valve Purchases by Each Customer

Valve purchases in 2019 will be $64 billion. Valve manufacturers should consider a marketing program based around specific valve forecasts. Here are the reasons

  • Valve purchases in 2019 will be $64 billion.
  • Replacement valves and repairs will exceed $50 billion.
  • Purchases of valves by companies who are already purchasing valves will be $60 billion.
  • This $60 billion market is predictable and the unit forecasts for each purchaser are obtainable.
  • Forecasts for each purchaser can cost effectively replace sales leads as the foundation of a market program.
  • A change in marketing policies can be slowly implemented.
  • A progressive program starts with the low hanging fruit.
  • N028 Industrial Valves: World Marketforecasts corporate purchases for the top 200 companies representing 30 percent of the market.
  • Forecasts for each purchaser can be provided in excel format for uploading to the CRM system.

A webinar evaluating this opportunity was conducted on June 20. To view the recording click on  To access the power points click on