NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         June 2018

Large Market to Maintain and Upgrade U.S. Coal Fired Power

The U.S. is retiring all its 50-70 year old plants but will keep running its 6-40 year old plants for another 30 years. With or without the clean power plan and regardless of gas prices the U.S. will have between 150 to 210 GW of coal fired power in 2050.

Reference: EIA

The average startup date for the remaining plants was 1980. A new plant today is more efficient and economical to operate than the average older plant. However, the older plants can be modernized and upgraded in unique ways to outperform some of the newest plants. For example the Great River Spiritwood plant has a thermal efficiency of over 60 percent due to its combined heat and power initiatives. There are unique byproducts needed by the U.S. which can be supplied by coal fired power.

One of the largest pro-active opportunities is IIoT with remote O&M. Coal plants can be efficiently operated remotely with the benefit of the highest skill levels. Wireless communications and data analytics will assure cost effective operation. However, a big investment in sensors, valves and improved process equipment will improve efficiency further.

There are process changes which will allow suppliers to provide innovative solutions They include:

  • Switch to upstream catalytic filtration and DSI
  • Switch to biomass burning with catalytic filtration and DSI
  • Switch to biomass burning with catalytic filtration, DSI and CO2 capture
  • Switch to produce hydrochloric acid, rare earth feed stock and ultrapure gypsum or sulfuric acid
  • Co-locate steam users around the power plant and use MVR to upgrade waste steam for parasitical use by industrial plants using steam

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