NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         July 2018

3700 Large Purchasers of Bags and Cartridges

3700 companies will purchase 50 percent of the bags and cartridges used for dust collection and gas turbine inlet filtration. They will spend $1.75 billion for these products in 2019. Large cement and power companies’ individual expenditures will exceed $1 million. The average large purchaser in the miscellaneous industry category will spend just $150,000. The average among the 3700 will be $470,000.



Since the purchases of these 3700 companies are predictable a direct sales program can be set up to address them. Each will spend enough to warrant a special effort.

Purchases by the 200 largest customers are included in the N021 World Fabric Filter and Element Market

Purchases by the other 3500 are available as part of a business program explained at