NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         August 2018

2018 Will be Another Good Year for the Cleanroom Industry

The cleanroom industry is on an expansion track. Sales of hardware will exceed $5.5 billion. Purchases of cleanroom consumables will top $8.5 billion. This is the latest forecast in the continually updated N6F World Cleanroom Markets.

The semiconductor segment remains the largest purchaser. Semiconductor equipment sales are anticipated to rise 11 percent this year whereas shipments will increase over 20 percent.

The growth of the cleanroom industry in Asia will exceed other areas. China alone will spend more on electronics cleanrooms than Europe and Japan combined. This is in part due to the fab lite strategy of semiconductor suppliers in those areas. Japanese semiconductor companies are content to rely on foundries being built in China and elsewhere.

Cleanroom expenditures for manufacture of components used in cleanrooms are also expanding. Examples would be new cleanrooms for a manufacturer of high purity hose and tubing and one for a supplier of cleanroom lifting machinery. 

The applications for cleanrooms are also expanding . This includes custom preparation of tailored chemotherapy infusions and cell therapy treatments in hospitals and metal powders for 3D printing.

Both the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industry are characterized by consolidation. The top three pharmaceutical manufacturers will purchase more than 10 percent of the cleanroom consumables purchased by the industry.

Purchases of Cleanroom Consumables by Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
$ millions - 2018
Rank Company Gloves Wipes Disposable Clothing
1 Pfizer 7.70 4.66 8.36
2 Roche 5.76 3.49 6.25
3 Merck 5.25 3.18 5.70

For more information on the report click on N6F World Cleanroom Markets

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