NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         September 2018

Eight Indian based Companies will Spend more than $1 billion for Valves in 2019

The market for valves in India is increasing at a greater rate than elsewhere. Purchases in 2019 will exceed $3 billion. This represents valves, parts, and service which will be utilized in India. Eight large valve purchasers based in India will spend more than $1 billion for valves. However some of those valves may be installed in other countries.

The end use forecast is crucial to stocking of valves and service. However, the use for sales purposes is diminishing as purchasing decisions are increasingly centralized. Some valve selection and purchase for use in India is made in China and Japan where equipment for new coal fired power plants is part of packages. Long term financing of new facilities by the governments and financial institutions in these countries results in control of initial valve decisions.

On the other hand, Indian based suppliers such as BHEL are providing equipment for new coal fired plants in other countries. Indian based conglomerates are purchasing valves for their facilities in India and elsewhere. NTPC is presently the leading valve purchaser due to the upgrade of its coal fired plants to remove SO2, NOx and fine particulate. Eight Indian based companies each spend more than $30 million per year for valves.


Valve suppliers looking to increase sales in India as well as in other countries will want to consider the following:

  • Purchasing decisions are going to be made by relatively few individuals who are not likely to be at the plant site
  • Decisions are going to be increasingly made based on lowest total cost of ownership
  • The successful valve supplier will need to prepare a lowest Total Cost of Ownership Validation (LTCOV) for each application in each industry and then LTCOVs for each major customer
  • We are entering the post digital era where the Industrial Internet of Wisdom (IIoW) is empowering IIoT and will necessitate a new marketing strategy for valve suppliers.
  • This new era will make it possible for international valve suppliers to better compete for valves to be used in India

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