NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         September 2018

New Route to Market in the $18 billion Cartridge Filter Industry

A webinar on September 19 at 10:AM will explore the new route to market for cartridge filter suppliers. The Industrial Internet of Wisdom (IIoW) is the gateway to the post digital era which will make it highly desirable to forecast the cartridge purchases for each major prospect and provide each with a lowest Total Cost of Ownership Validation (LTCOV). The continuing validation will necessitate interconnection among suppliers, publishers, conference organizers and end users to create decision systems.

The first step for the supplier is to provide a forecast for each significant prospect. In the wine industry more than 50 companies each spend $200,000 or more for cartridges. These companies warrant individual LTCOV validations.

Next year $18 billion will be spent for cartridges. Of this total $600 million will be spent by food and beverage companies. The sub-segment for wineries will be $40 million.

The U.S and France account for 25 percent of the world’s wine consumption. Italy, Germany, and China account for another 25 percent. The top 20 countries consume most of the wine.

The top 10 wine makers will spend $18 million for cartridge equipment and consumables next year.


2019 Cartridge Purchases
$ millions

E.J Gallo 5
Constellation Brands 3
The Wine Group 2
Treasury Wine Estate 2
Viña Concha y Toro 1.5
Castel Frères 1.5
Accolade Wines 1.5
Pernod Ricard 1.5

One of the purchasers is Hubert Sekt. An article about cartridge use at this winery appeared in a Filtration and Separation feature article. Information in this article provides some of the background information needed to make an LTCOV.

The LTCOV is established in a series of decisive classifications which make clear which product provides the lowest cost of ownership. The applications for cartridges include pre filtration and final filtration and also filtration of water and steam used for filter regeneration. The filtration is an important factor in the quality of the wine and it affects the taste. Removal of yeast is a safety issue which could result in CO2 buildup and explosions. So a series of decisive classification steps are needed to review alternative options for reaching each of the goals with least cost.

Wineries such as Hubert Sekt are looking for a solution not just filters. Therefore a cartridge supplier can offer a package and make the case that the LTCO is in purchasing a package.

The article adds to the decisive classification process with information such as:

Classification Options or Parameters
Processes to be considered Pre filtration, filtration, regeneration
Pre filter options to be considered Wrapped cartridges vs pleated
Decisive classifications for pre filter alternatives Initial cost, efficiency, safety, life, product taste, impact on final filter
Vendor scope Separate purchase of each product type vs package from one vendor

The webinar on September 19 will discuss the world cartridge filter market opportunities and the program to first forecast the opportunity for each major prospect and secondly how to work with publishers and others to validate that a product has the lowest total cost of ownership.

The foundation of the program is the forecasts which are supplied in N024 Cartridge Filters: World Market

You can register for the webinar at Free Market Webinars