NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         October 2018

Determining Competitor Market Shares and Strategy

The McIlvaine Company provides market share data for thousands of air, water and energy companies. However clients are seeking even greater segmentation by industry, region and specific product.

One of the tools for this more extensive segmentation is activity at exhibitions. The geographic distribution as well as industry focus can be determined. The detailed analysis of exhibition activity at WEFTEC is shown at Municipal Wastewater Services. There were many water related exhibits at Singapore International Water Week. We have a 20 page analysis just of the pump companies with displays. We have been analyzing exhibition activity every third year for IFAT in Munich and were a participant in the Pump Summit last year.

We have also just completed an analysis of exhibitors of non-woven filter media at Filtration 2018. The focus is on air filtration, gas turbine, and dust collector media with a more minor focus on liquid filtration media. Filtech held in Europe is more focused on filtration equipment rather than media and has the largest display of filtration equipment of any show around the world.

A number of power related shows are reported in our Utility E Alert including smaller venues such as the VGB air pollution conference or the Indian FGD & DeNOx conference last week. Power-Gen shows in several regions of the world include substantial Combust, Flow & Treat (CFT) space. The OTC exhibition in Houston is one of the largest oil and gas exhibitions with more than 100 CFT exhibitors. Interphex in NYC has dozens of displays by CFT pharmaceutical suppliers. ACHEMA in Frankfurt provides hundreds of displays of CFT products for the chemical industry every third year.

The Cleanroom Technology exhibition in the U.K. and a number of smaller European exhibitions such as Lounges provide displays of filtration, instrumentation, pump, valve and other CFT products used in cleanrooms. The industry focused shows such as Semicon West have a number of displays by CFT suppliers but the CFT percentage of total space is low.

Advertising is also a good indicator of activity by product, industry and location. We tabulate the number of pages, the subject matter and the service in which we will be evaluating it.

CFT Advertising in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing July-August 2018
Company # of pages Subject Service
Donaldson 0.5 Dust Collector Fabric Filter
Cashco 1 Regulator, Valves IIoT, Valve
Endress + Hauser 1 Analyzers IIoT
Hoffer 1 Flow Meter IIoT
CFT Advertising in October Processing 2018
Company # of pages Subject Service
AT Controls 1 Valves and Controls Valve
Automation Direct 1 Drives IIoT
Dynamic Air 1 Conveying, Fabric Filters Fabric Filter
Discflow 0.5 Pump Pump
Blue-White 1 Pump, Flow Meter Pump, IIoT
Tuthill 0.5 Blower Fan, Blower
Gorman Rupp 0.2 Pump Pump
Motion Industries 1 Pump Pump
Jefferson 0.2 Valve Valve
Everlasting Valve 0.5 Valve Valve
Fluke 2 Vibration Monitoring IIoT
Cashco 0.5 Regulator, Valve IIoT, Valve
NOV 1 Pump Pump
Griffco 0.5 Valve Valve
Assured Automation 0.2 Valve Valve
Magnetrol 1 Level Control IIoT
Fluke 1 Monitoring IIoT
Hydrocarbon Processing - September 2018 - Advertising
Company Pages Subject Service
Airliquide 1.0 PSA, Membranes Scrubber/Adsorber, RO, UF, MF
Ametek 0.5 On Line Sulfur Analysis IIoT
Ametek 1.0 Moisture in Gas Analyzer IIoT
Aqseptence 1.0 Johnson Screens Liquid Filtration
Ashcroft 0.5 Pressure Measurement IIoT
Automatic Filters 0.2 Automatic Backflush Filter Liquid Filtration
John Zink 1.0 Combustion Systems Thermal/Catalytic
DuPont 1.0 Scrubbers, Desulfurization Scrubber/Adsorber
Honeywell UOP 1.0 Integrated Solutions IIoT
Koch-Glitsch   Separation Columns Scrubber, Adsorber
Linde 1.0 Range of Technologies IIoT, Scrubber/Adsorber
Magnetrol 1.0 Level Control IIoT
Merichem 1.0 Contactor and Coalescer Scrubber/Adsorber
Sentry 0.5 Sampling Equipment Webinar IIoT
Spraying Systems 1.0 Nozzles Scrubber/Adsorber
Swagelok 1.0 Pressure measurement system Valve, IIoT
Veolia 0.5 Water reuse, DAF webinar Sedimentation, Centrifugation
Yokogawa 1.0 Oprex Automation IIoT
Zeeco 0.5 Thermal oxidizers Thermal/Catalytic
Chemical Engineering - September 2018 - CFT Advertising
Company Pages Subject Service
Cleaver Brooks 1 Boilers, Water Systems, Controls Ultrapure Water
Emerson 1 Engineering and Project Management-Automation IIoT
Endress +Hauser 1 Flow Meters, Transmitters, pH IIoT
Badger Meter 1 Flow Meters IIoT
Flottweg 0.5 Centrifuges Sedimentation, Centrifugation
Load Controls 0.5 Viscosity Measurement IIoT
Gemu 0.5 Valves, Water Treatment Valves
Swagelok 1 Valves Valves
NOV 1 Progressing Cavity Pumps, screens, mixers Pumps
Krohne 0.5 Level Transmitters IIoT
Ekato 0.3 Mixing FGD
A-T Controls 0.2 PFA Lined Ball Valves Valves
Material Transfer 0.5 Bulk Bag Discharger Fabric Filter
Proco 0.2 Check Valve Valves
Seepex 0.5 Pumps, Metering System Pumps
Bionomic 0.5 Modular Scrubbers Scrubber/Adsorber
Ametek 0.3 Viscosity Analyzer IIoT
Finder Pompe 0.3 Centrifugal and Plunger Pumps Pumps
Myron L 0.5 Liquid Measurement IIoT
Arkema 0.5 Kynar Valves

One revelation from an analysis would be the substantial amount of advertising by Magnetrol on level control measurement. These advertisements appear in a number of industry focused magazines and reveal a multi-industry marketing approach. The large investment in advertising is an indicator of the ‘pull” rather than “push” marketing approach. This further indicates a company selling based on lowest total cost of ownership. It also indicates a company which seeks to understand the processes and industries where its product is used.

This advertising leads to the website where the use of level controls in various specific industries and processes is discussed. The following link is to the Magnetrol brochure on coal fired boilers. It has good process flow diagrams to accompany the product descriptions for each application.

Some of the advertisements are general and reference a number of products. DuPont for example has a full page advertisement with coverage of EDV scrubbers, sulfur recovery processes and several other products. By contrast the A-T advertisement is on just one type of lining for one type of valve.

The advertising and exhibition activity can be a function of initiatives to gain market share rather than just keep it. Therefore tracking this activity over time is useful. For example one chemical company had the largest stand at WEFTEC a few years ago and did not have a stand this year.

The market reports where this competitor analysis appears are shown at

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