NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         November 2018

Forecasting Pump Purchases by Companies More Important than by Countries

The world industrial pump market will exceed $54 billion this year. It is dispersed among 196 countries and 15,000 purchasers. However most of the market is concentrated. The top 14 purchasers will account for 10 percent of the market this year. 1700 companies will account for 80 of the purchases.

The way pumps will be purchased in the future is different from the traditional method. Large corporations are installing process management software and analyzing pumps at their plants around the world. This is leading to lowest total cost of ownership analyses and central purchasing of high-performance pumps. The scope includes engineered pumps for severe and critical service but also packages combining general purpose pumps and software into a package which creates a higher value than the competition.

Company Corporate Location Industry

2018 Purchases

Sinopec China Oil & Gas 607
Saudi Aramco Saudi Arabia Oil & Gas 597
China Nat. Petr. China Oil & Gas 571
PetroChina China Oil & Gas 491
Guodian/Shenhua China Power 384
ExxonMobil U.S. Oil & Gas 359
Royal Dutch Shell Netherlands Oil & Gas 353
Kuwait Petroleum Kuwait Oil & Gas 336
BP UK Oil & Gas 297
Huaneng China Power 288
Total SA France Oil & Gas 283
Datang China Power 224
NTPC India Power 224
EDF France Power 220
Total     5234

Pump companies are selling direct, through sales representatives, and through distribution. In the future, more sales are likely to be direct. 133 companies will spend more than $50 million for pumps this year. This warrants a special direct effort for each one of them.


733 companies will spend more than $10 million on pumps this year. A direct effort or at least careful tracking of the success at each of these plants is warranted.


1733 companies will spend more than $5 million for pumps. It is recommended that these companies at least be identified individually and decisions then made as to how to approach them.

4733 companies will spend more than $1 million for pumps this year. At the very least the cumulative projected purchases of these companies should be determined for each sales territory.


The traditional geographical market forecasts are based on countries. There are two reasons. First each country identifies a geographical area. Second each country has a unique set of influences such as regulations and language. However only 53 out of 196 countries spend more than $50 million/yr on pumps. Two countries, the U.S and China each will account for valve purchases in excess of $11 billion. Thirty-five states in the U.S. will account for purchases in excess of $50 million. Twenty-three Chinese provinces will also each account for purchases in excess of $50 million.

The amount of area covered by China and the U.S. is many times the area covered by many small European countries. The result is that most pump companies have multiple sales offices, distributors, or sales representatives in these countries.

The potential in any region is also a function of the type of pump and industries being pursued. Kuwait has almost no industry except energy. But it is a major oil producer. In some of the African countries there is no significant pump market except in mining; but purchases for the mining industry can be substantial.

The McIlvaine Company’s Pumps: World Markets provides 50,000 forecasts by pump type, industry, and country. Forecasts are also provided for the 100 largest purchasers. This basic format can be customized and expanded to fit the corporate and sales objectives of any pump company.

Information on Pumps: World Market is found at: N019 Pumps World Market

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