NEWS RELEASE                                   OCTOBER 2010

$10 Billion Cross Flow Membrane Market

The world market for cross flow membranes and equipment will grow 31 percent from 2010 to over $10 billion in annual revenues in 2015.  East Asia will have the largest growth rate and will be the largest regional buyer.  These are the latest forecasts in the McIlvaine continually updated RO, UF, MF World Markets report.

Cross Flow Membranes and Equipment Revenues ($ Millions)Bottom of Form


World Region






 East Asia


 Eastern Europe


 Middle East




 South & Central America


 West Asia


 Western Europe




The East Asia growth is spurred by expansion of the semiconductor industry, the need to desalinate seawater, growing power plant ultrapure water requirements, and the incorporation of cross flow filtration in the upscale commercial and residential buildings.  Another growth segment is to purify municipal and industrial wastewater for reuse.

The growth in the Middle East will be primarily for sea water desalination.  The European and NAFTA countries will be the leading purchasers of cross flow membranes for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.

The resurgent nuclear power industry offers attractive opportunities for suppliers of cross flow membranes and equipment.  Gas shale and other unconventional oil and gas extraction are also expanding markets.

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