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Indonesia is One of Many Asian Countries Relying on Coal

The coal fired capacity in Indonesia will rise to 57,000 MW by 2024 according to the forecasts in the McIlvaine Utility Tracking System.

Indonesian Coal Fired Capacity MW
2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2021
29,047 32,533 36,437 40,809 45,706 51,191 57,334

Indonesia is the biggest exporter of thermal coal. With over 29,000 MW of installed capacity, coal currently accounts for around 30 percent of the country’s electricity generation. The government’s 2018 – 2027 Energy Plan sets out a steep growth curve for coal power, which is expected to provide 54 percent of Indonesia’s electricity generation by 2025. The country’s largest coal plant developer is the state-owned utility PLN Persero which is planning to build over 6,900 MW of new coal capacity. Other Indonesian coal power developers are Bukit Asam (1,010 MW) and Adaro (1,144 MW). Collectively, Chinese companies are planning new coal projects totaling over 10,400 MW in Indonesia. Among the most significant players are China’s National Energy Investment Group and China Huadian. One of China Huadian’s  projects is the expansion of the Celukan Bawang power station on Bali.

Companies from Japan are building the 2,000 MW Batang project on Java’s Northeast coast The project’s owner Bhimasena Power is a joint venture between Indonesia’s Adaro and the Japanese companies J-Power and Itochu. The main financier of Batang is the Japan Bank of International Cooperation.

The 2,000 MW Tanjung Jati B coal power station is being built by Bhumi Jati Power, a joint venture of the Japanese companies Sumitomo and Kansai Electric with the Indonesian company United Tractors. Other large projects which are driven by international companies are Cirebon 2 and Cirebon 3, two 1,000 MW coal plants planned by KEPCO from South Korea and Marubeni from Japan. The Japanese companies TEPCO and Chubu Electric are also involved in Cirebon 2.

The Utility Tracking System provides continuing forecasts of coal fired power installations in each country. Details on each plant are included along with country forecasts in excel files. There is also a 20-30 page weekly Utility E-Alert with the latest news

More information on the tracking system can be found at 42EI Utility Tracking System.