NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        June 2019

SiloBuster Webinar Program for Combust, Flow, and Treat (CFT) Suppliers

Subscribers to McIlvaine market reports and databases can now take advantage of a free 90 minute webinar opportunity where individuals from multiple product groups, locations, and disciplines can review displayed data, ask questions and provide insights.

In “The Silo Effect”, Gillian Tett documents the magnitude of the problem created by the efficient division of labor. Surveys show that management ranks lack of collaboration among divisions as a top problem. CFT companies such as IDEX and Filtration Group have become very successful by encouraging each product group to operate independently. You cannot argue with success. But as Tett shows with her examples there is much additional benefit in communication among disparate groups. The challenge is to do this without restricting the independence. The SiloBuster webinar program is a good way to initiate this collaboration.

McIlvaine market reports have forecasts for each product in each industry in each country. This empowers people with local sales knowledge to contribute. Representatives and distributors can be allowed to view data during the webinar and make contributions. The reports also have the forecasts for each large customer. The database reports have the details on the specific corporate customers and plants.

The data also includes forecasts of present and future production in each industry and country. For example there are forecasts in MW for solar, gas turbine, coal, and nuclear power. There are forecasts in tpy or m3 of ethylene, LNG, and other petroleum products, wafers per month for semiconductor companies, production in tpy for each type of ore, wastewater treatment in MGD,  and square feet of pharmaceutical cleanroom space. This level of detail empowers people with specific knowledge to contribute.

Many distributors or representatives have unique industry knowledge. There are many rapidly developing markets such as single use biopharmaceuticals, hydraulic fracturing in Argentina, China and Saudi Arabia, ultrasupercritical coal fired generators in China, lithium production in Australia, and manufactured frac sand production in Texas. Input from various individuals will contribute greatly to better understanding these new developments.

Many purchase decisions are made at the corporate level. BASF in Germany has standardized on condition monitoring flow measurement from companies such as E&H. These guides apply to all the hundreds of BASF plants around the world. Arcelor Mittal is buying fabric filter systems in Belgium for operation in South America. In Chile Suez operates half the municipal wastewater plants with purchasing guidance from France. This internationalization makes it highly desirable to pursue each large customer on a collaborative basis.

One of the biggest opportunities is to understand and leverage the product technology of the disparate groups. With IIoT and Remote O&M the emphasis is on the total cost of ownership of the system. A smart pump or valve is better than a product of equal quality which does not perform smartly. The pump is dependent on the valves operating optimally. The scrubber operation is dependent on the pump. In the case of FGD the fan and pump are sharing work. There is the option to increase the fan horsepower for more efficient scrubbing with less pump flow. The use of HEPA filtration for gas turbine inlets reduces turbine wear and greatly increases the HEPA market. Many of these technology developments are included and can be viewed during a webinar in

Understanding the relationship of all these products is challenging. Each process in each industry provides its own unique requirements. Within a large corporation there are industry specialists. In addition there are employees who formerly were employed by a company in the subject industry. Their knowledge can be beneficially extracted.

Competitor knowledge is spread across many individuals within the organization. McIlvaine reports have estimated market shares. These can be the basis for group discussions. Some competitors will have new products or have been merged with another company. When TLT was purchased by POWERCHINA with $48 billion in sales and a double digit growth rate it changed the Chinese market opportunity for Howden and other fan companies.

Sharing information about regulations is also important. China has an HELE (high efficiency, low emissions) initiative. Part of that initiative is third party operation of power plant air pollution systems to insure compliance. This creates a whole new group of purchasers of lime, nozzles, agitators, fans, dust collector bags, valves, pumps, couplings, seals, water treatment chemicals etc. Will these companies become international (Boqi is already expanding)? Will the initiative be copied in other countries?

One free 90 minute SiloBuster webinar is available for purchasers of the fabric filter, scrubber, FGD, DeNOx, thermal oxidation, precipitator, liquid filtration, sedimentation, IIoT & Remote O&M, valve, pump, and treatment chemicals reports.

Another free webinar is available for purchasers of each industry report and database: coal, nuclear, gas turbine, renewables, oil & gas, water/wastewater, cleanrooms, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, industrial (including chemical, mining, pulp & paper, other).

With the various free webinars and others which can be added at a nominal price, a continuing SiloBuster webinar initiative can be undertaken. This initiative will be a catalyst for further intra divisional activity.  For more information on this opportunity please contact Bob McIlvaine at 847 784 0013 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.