NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        July 2019

Sales Program based on the 500 Coal Plant Operators that buy 99 Percent of the Combust, Flow and Treat Products

Coal fired power is the ideal industry for which to adopt a sales approach based on predicting purchases for each prospect rather than reactively responding to sales leads.

Ninety-nine percent of all the combust, flow, and treat products and services are purchased by just 500 companies. Fifty percent are purchased by just 50 companies. With data analytics and centralized monitoring an increasing percentage of the purchases are made based on lowest total cost ownership. The decision making involves multiple individuals. Success requires major sales efforts long before a request for quotation is issued.

The Shenhua/Guodian merger resulted in an owner with 200,000 MW of coal fired capacity. However, there remain several entities from a decision making perspective. Seventy percent of the purchasing decisions for existing plants are made by 27 companies with more than 10,000 MW of capacity. However, 150 owners are making the decisions for 70 percent of the new plants.

Coal Fired Capacity for Individual Owners

 Above MW

 Planned Cumulative #

Cumulative #

80,000   1
60,000   2
50,000   3
40,000   3
30,000   8
20,000 2 10
10,000 8 27
5000 25 63
3000 50 110
2000 70 164
1500 90 196
1000 150 255
700 200 307
500 250 379
300 300 491
200 350 570
100 400 710
˂ 100   900

There is a logical disparity between the ratio of new plants to existing plants by owner. For comparison we picked owners with 6000 – 9000 MW range of existing and planned capacity.    J Power is the only company appearing on both lists.

Planned Coal Fired
Company MW
Power Finance Corporation 8,000
Egyptian Electricity Holding Company 7,920
KEPCO 7,698
China Resources 7,035
NLC India 6,700
J-POWER 6,356
Eskom 6,352
Operating Coal Fired
Company MW
E.ON 8,772
J-POWER 8,482
Inter RAO 8,372
Vedanta Resources 8,327
Xcel Energy 7,915
Henan Investment Group 7,840
Beijing Energy Group 7,772
Engie 7,387
Damodar Valley Corporation 7,240
AES 7,025

The big growth in coal is in South East Asia and Africa where existing capacity is small. The existing capacity is mostly in countries where new coal fired plants are being discouraged.

McIlvaine provides a comprehensive program to help suppliers pursue this market. The weekly Utility E-Alert has new project information as well as technical and regulatory developments. The tracking system database has information on each plant. The Utility Tracking System website also has a coal fired forecast by country through 2024. There are detailed profiles of the largest purchasers as well as identification of all 500 purchasers. With the search engine it is possible to extract the latest information on each purchaser. Details on the program are found at 42EI Utility Tracking System

This service can be combined with any of the market reports to obtain individual product forecasts

Similar programs in each industry are available as explained in Most Profitable Market Program at

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