NEWS RELEASE                                   APRIL 2011

Air Pollution Control Revenues to Exceed $65 Billion in 2011

Revenue for suppliers of air pollution hardware, consumables and services will exceed $65 billion in 2011. This latest forecast appears in Air Pollution Management, a continually updated online report by the McIlvaine Company.


The market can be split by equipment type.  Fabric filters remove particles by filtering them through cloth or membrane media.  Scrubbers, adsorbers and biofilters remove noxious gas. Electrostatic precipitators remove particles and droplets using electrostatic forces.  Flue Gas Desulfurization systems (FGD) are technically grouped with scrubbers. However, the power plant FGD market is so large that it is viewed separately. Also, by in large the suppliers for power plant scrubber systems are not the same ones serving the smaller industrial applications.

Organic vapors can be oxidized through simple combustion or more efficiently in the presence of a catalyst. Due to increasingly stringent regulations, the market for stack monitoring, ambient networks, source testing and validation is steadily increasing.

Expensive additives such as ammonia, lime and sodium bicarbonate are used to treat the stack gases. Precise monitoring of the emissions can result in substantial reagent savings.   The emissions are also affected by the efficiency of the emitting processes.  As a result, a big market has been generated for optimization systems.  Companies such as Honeywell, Emerson,  Siemens, ABB and Rockwell are pursuing the optimization market.

Some companies are in all the markets.  Siemens is one example.  Babcock & Wilcox just purchased both monitoring and electrostatic precipitator divisions from GE and is now in all segments. However, no company is a leader in all the major markets as defined by application.  Odor control systems for wastewater treatment plants are served by Siemens but not by Babcock and Wilcox.

The market for replacement bags is a big one.  GE is a leader in this market whereas B&W and Siemens are not in this market.

Alstom is one of the world’s largest suppliers of fabric filters, electrostatic precipitators and scrubbers for the power industry. It also has strengths in the aluminum and certain other industries.  However, it does not compete at all with Donaldson who supplies small fabric filters for general industry.

China is the largest market for air pollution control.  It is rapidly developing a group of international suppliers of equipment and consumables for the international market.

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