NEWS RELEASE                                   AUGUST 2011

Asian Cleanroom Purchases will Reach $7.5 Billion in 2015

Purchases of Cleanroom hardware and consumables in Asia will reach $7.5 billion in 2015 and comprise over 60 percent of the global purchases. This is the conclusion reached in the latest revision to the online McIlvaine Cleanrooms: World Markets.

Asian hardware purchases in 2015 are projected to reach $2.9 billion up from $2.3 billion in 2011.

Hardware ($ Millions)

                                      2011               2015

Asia                             $2,299.7          $2,889.0

America                          $829.2             $975.8

Europe                            $652.9             $740.3

Africa                                 $24.1               $28.7

Total                             $3,805.9          $4,633.8


The hardware includes cleanrooms, walls, floors, filters, HVAC, instrumentation and floors. It also includes cleanroom benches and mini-environments.

Consumable purchases in Asia will reach $4.6 billion up from $3.7 billion in 2011.

Consumables ($ Millions)

                      2011                  2015

Asia                 $3,740.5          $4,620.5

Europe             $1,311.9          $1,505.1

America           $1,287.3          $1,517.6

Africa                     $30.5               $36.1

                                                           Total                $6,370.2          $7,679.3                                                         


(Consumables include clothing, gloves, wipes, masks, supplies, and chemicals)

Five of the ten top solar panel manufacturers are in China. The low costs of Chinese Solar Panels have made them capture almost 40 percent of the world’s market in 2010 up from almost 0% in 2005.

Solar cleanrooms do not have to meet the cleanliness of semiconductor fabs but they do have similar etching processes and need to invest extensively in cleanroom hardware and consumables.

The flat panel displays are produced almost exclusively in Asia. Memory storage production which also requires cleanrooms is also concentrated in Asia.

By 2015 semiconductor manufacturing will be concentrated in Asia. At that time 74 percent of the production and 70 percent of the revenues will be generated in Asia. The McIlvaine Company forecasts that in 2015, 78 percent of the world’s semiconductor cleanroom hardware purchases will be for Asian chip fabrication facilities. By 2015 the cleanroom consumables purchases in Asia will be greater than those of the entire world in 2010.

The equipment and consumables are supplied by a mix of Asian and non-Asian companies. Many international suppliers have set up production plants in China to serve the Asian market.  Hollingsworth & Vose started manufacturing in China some years ago and recently announced that it will be manufacturing in India as well.

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