NEWS RELEASE                                   SEPTEMBER 2011

$5 Billion Air Monitoring Market in 2012

The market for products and services to measure ambient and stack air pollutants will exceed $5 billion in 2012. There is another $3.6 billion which will be indirectly generated from these activities resulting in a total market of $8.6 billion.  This is the latest forecast in Air Pollution Monitoring and Sampling: World Markets published by the McIlvaine Company.


Revenues ($ Millions) for 2012

CEM systems


CEM parts, service, certification


Intermittent stack testing


Ambient monitoring systems and support


Total direct air monitoring


Regulatory compliance and permitting


Air related process optimization


Total direct and indirect air


Other Industrial  IT


Total broader market



Sales of new continuous emission monitoring systems and the services, parts and support for these systems will generate revenues of $2.1 billion. The largest purchasers of these systems will be power plants, followed by cement, refining, chemicals, pulp and paper.

Sales of ambient monitoring systems are booming in Asia as the region tries to come to grips with serious pollution problems. Most of the ambient system sales are to governmental organizations, but a number of large industrial plants use a system of ambient fence line monitors.

Emission control increasingly trumps operating cost optimization in the plant automation and control systems.  Therefore, incorporation of pollutant analyzers in the total automation systems is becoming critical. Thus air monitoring can be viewed as a small but important segment of industrial information technology. This larger market is $135 billion/yr.

Automation Systems

$  90,000

Field Devices

$  27,000

External Interface

$    9,000

Plant Design

$    9,000




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