NEWS RELEASE                                   FEBRUARY 2012

$6 Billion Fabric Filter Systems Market in 2012

Worldwide sales of fabric filter systems will be just under $6 billion according to the latest forecast in World Fabric Filter and Element Market published by the McIlvaine Company.

The stone and cement and industry will continue to lead the way with purchases of nearly $2 billion.

World Fabric Filter Systems Market ($ Millions)

Industry                                 2012

Asphalt                                    480

Chemical                                190

Food                                          56

Industrial Boilers                     43

Metals                                      365

Mining                                      411

Other Industries                     739

Pharmaceutical                        38

Power – New                          464

Power – Retrofit                       79

Pulp & Paper                          102

Steel                                      1,108

Stone & Cement                  1,907

Waste Incinerators                 130

Total                                        6,112

The utility industry will be a minor purchaser this year but will become a leading sector next year. New air toxic rules in the U.S. require coal-fired generators to meet low particulate emission levels. EPA predicts that up to 100 fabric filters will be needed to meet these regulations.  The cost of the average fabric filter system when installed will be in excess of $40 million.  The $4 billion expenditure would be spread out over the 2013-15 period.

China will be the biggest purchaser in part because of its very large cement industry. It is also the largest producer of steel.

In addition to the systems, plants will spend $2.4 billion for replacement bags and cartridges.  Bags are replaced every 3-5 years in most applications. Bags for high temperature applications will cost up to ten times as much as those for low temperature service. Membranes with non-woven substrates are gaining market share over conventional needle felt composition.

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