NEWS RELEASE                                   FEBRUARY 2012

Liquid Macro Filtration World Market to Reach $7 Billion/yr by 2015

The market for filters which remove medium size particles from liquids will rise from $6 billion last year to over $7 billion in 2015.  The biggest market growth will be in East Asia where the revenues will exceed $2.7 billion in 2015. This is the latest forecast in Liquid Filtration and Media World Markets published by the McIlvaine Company.

Liquid Macro Filtration Revenues $ Millions

           World Region                      2015

            Africa                                      221

            CIS                                         192

             East Asia                           2,719

             Eastern Europe                  187

             Middle East                         272

             NAFTA                               1,307

              South & Central America  513

              West Asia                            580

              Western Europe             1,042

               Total                                 7,033

This forecast does not include reverse osmosis, microfiltration and ultrafiltration which remove smaller particles.  It does not include screens which remove very large particles. It covers the removal of particles from 1-50 microns. It does not include cartridges which are used for liquids with very low solids content.  It does include gravity media filters, automatic backwash filters, filter presses, gravity belt filters, drum filters, belt filter presses and bag filters. The bag filters are the only segment which is not self cleaning.

Large numbers of belt filter presses are being sold to dewater sludge in Asian municipal wastewater treatment plants. Gravity media filters are widely used to purify water as it is extracted from rivers and streams. Filter presses find many uses in the chemical industry where they are used to separate products. Drum filters are used for product separation in the mining industry.  Gravity belt filters are used to wash gypsum formed in coal-fired power plant scrubber systems. Bag filters are used in many industries where they compete with cartridges.

Automatic backwash filters have enjoyed the largest percentage growth in recent years. Originally, these filters were fitted with screens which could not remove particles smaller than 50 microns. The development of sintered metal allowed designs which can now remove particles as small as 5 microns. These filters find widespread use for purification of the side stream in cooling tower systems.

Major international suppliers include, Siemens, Ovivo, Xylem, Veolia, Amiad and Andritz. There are many media suppliers who manufacture the cloths and bags. They include Clear Edge, Sefar, National Filter Media and GKD.

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