NEWS RELEASE                                                                                       MARCH 2010

The World Market for Electrostatic Precipitator Systems, Repair Parts and Service Will Exceed $13.7 Billion This Year 

The market for ESP repair and service will be just under $7 billion in 2012, whereas, the new systems market will exceed $6.7 billion. This is the conclusion in the latest update of Electrostatic Precipitators: World Markets published by the McIlvaine Company. (

2012 Precipitator Revenues ($ Millions)

World Region New Systems Repair & Service
Africa 174 100
CIS 80 110
East Asia 2,886 2,500
Eastern Europe 145 140
Middle East 94 90
NAFTA 790 2,000
South & Central America 170 150
West Asia 1,920 500
West Asia 495 1,400
Total 6,754 6,990

East Asia will be the largest market for new systems as well as for repair parts and service. In NAFTA and Western Europe, the new system market will be small compared to repair and service. The reason is that both regions have very large installed bases of precipitators but small markets for new coal-fired generators, steel mills and pulp/paper plants. Furthermore, new plants in both these regions are more likely to be equipped with fabric filters than electrostatic precipitators.

India is buying large numbers of precipitators for coal-fired power plants. This is creating a much larger market for new systems than for repair and service.

Chinese suppliers dominate the market for new precipitators in Asia. Alstom is the market leader in Europe and North America. NWL and Alstom are major suppliers of the large transformer/rectifier sets which are critical to precipitator performance. There has been a great deal of internationalization of the market. Korea Cottrell which was formerly a licensee of Research Cottrell has its own designs which it sells in Asia. It recently purchased Lodge Cottrell which was UK based and is selling precipitators in the Americas and Europe. Babcock & Wilcox purchased the precipitator operations of GE (BHA) and is well positioned as a North American leader in repair and service.

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