NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                AUGUST 2012

Liquid Cartridge Revenues to Exceed $16 Billion in 2013 

Sales of cartridges to purify liquids will exceed $16 billion next year. This is the most recent forecast in Cartridge Filters: World Market published by the McIlvaine Company.

Cartridge Revenues ($ Millions)











 String Wound




The biggest segment is carbon. The market for carbon filters for residential and commercial applications includes filters in pitchers and ice making systems. The filters improve the taste of water. For industrial applications, carbon filters compete with granular carbon.

Non-woven cartridge sales will exceed $4.6 billion in 2012. These cartridges are widely used in industry and in both point-of-entry and point-of-use in residential and commercial applications. Automotive and other mobile cartridges and those used in fluid power applications are not included in the scope of this report. Otherwise the non-woven segment would be the largest cartridge segment (automotive and fluid power filters are analyzed in other McIlvaine reports).

Membrane cartridge sales will exceed $4 billion next year. The chemical and pharmaceutical industries are major purchasers. Membrane cartridges are also used in many other industries. The semiconductor industry uses point-of-use membrane cartridges to capture any contaminants generated in the piping between the reverse osmosis system and the tool. Membrane cartridges are distinguished from cross-flow membranes in that they are dead end filters. All the liquid flows through the cartridge. Cross-flow membrane filters reject a portion of the liquid which then flows across the membrane and is discharged. Cross-flow membrane filters are analyzed in the McIlvaine report RO/UF/MF World Markets.

Metal cartridges are used in high temperature applications such as polymer purification in the petrochemical industry. String wound cartridges are used in paint purification and a number of applications where their low cost makes them attractive.

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