NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                OCTOBER 2012 

$7.5 Billion Air and Water Monitoring Market in East Asia

In 2013, East Asian countries will spend $7.5 billion for equipment and services to monitor air and water. This is the latest finding in the McIlvaine report, Air & Water Pollution Monitoring World Markets.

Air and Water Monitoring Revenues in East Asia ($ Millions)













 Commercial & Residential








 Gas Turbines


 Government & Academia








 Oil & Gas


 Other Industries






 Power SCR


 Pulp & Paper








 Surface Coating








East Asia will be the largest regional market with 34 percent of the world total of $22 billion. Water will account for two thirds of the East Asia total, while air will account for one third. Power represents the largest industrial sector with forecasted purchases of just under $1.3 billion. The very large program to build new coal-fired boilers throughout the region is accompanied by concern about air and water quality. China has adopted tough regulations to control emissions of SO2 and NOx. In addition, innovative measures are being taken to most efficiently utilize the water needed for power plant operation. These initiatives are contributing to the substantial market. China is building many ultrasupercritical boilers which include large expenditures for combustion optimization systems. These systems include monitoring of oxygen, coal flow, temperature and many other parameters. The boiler feedwater must be ultrapure and requires monitoring of dissolved oxygen and various other constituents related to purity and corrosion.

The construction of a large numbers of municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities in the region will result in over $1 billion in monitoring expenditures next year in the region. The advantages of continuous monitoring rather than grab sampling are boosting sales for the more expensive instruments.

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