NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 2013

China is the Leading Purchaser of Air Pollution Control Equipment

China will lead the world in air pollution control (APC) investments. In the next five years, China will spend $76 billion for APC equipment. On a purchasing parity basis (the cost in Europe or the U.S.), the value is $143 billion. This is the conclusion of the McIlvaine Company by aggregating the data in the six world market reports which McIlvaine publishes relative to air pollution control.

When you think of Beijing ambient air quality also think of Los Angeles. Both areas are subject to unfavorable climatic conditions. Pollution tends to stagnate rather than be blown somewhere else. Los Angeles has spent more than any other city to obtain clean air, but its ambient air quality is not nearly as good as that of most U.S. cities.

The combination of poor climatic conditions and rapid industrialization have created a health threat which the Chinese have recognized and are highly focused on reducing the potential harm.

Labor rates in China are increasing. Certain components such as selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst are selling at close to world prices. However, in general, the Chinese are able to build and install air pollution systems at half the cost of the Europeans or the Americans.  Over the next five years, they will install APC systems with an equivalent value of $143 billion (purchasing parity basis).

APC Investment  2013-2018 ($   Billions)







SCR and other NOx Control



Precipitators and Fabric Filters, all Industries



Thermal Treatment



Monitoring (ambient and stack)






The biggest category will be scrubbers.  Most of the scrubber investment will be in the power industry. However, the chemical, steel, mining, refining and other industries will also be purchasers. China will spend more on NOx control with SCR than the rest of the world combined. China will also spend more for electrostatic precipitators than the rest of the world.

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