NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                AUGUST 2013

Asia Will Account For More Than Half the $6.4 Billion 2014 Liquid Macrofiltration Market

Purchases of liquid macrofiltration equipment and media will exceed $3.4 billion in 2014. This is the latest forecast in Liquid Filtration and Media World Market published by the McIlvaine Company.

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McIlvaine liquid filtration forecasts are segmented into liquid macrofiltration, cartridges and cross-flow membranes. Macrofiltration includes belt filter presses, belt filters, gravity media filters and automatic backwash filters.

Municipal drinking water will be the largest segment with revenues of just under $1 billion. Gravity media filters are used at most new drinking water plants. Asia is undertaking a massive program to provide clean drinking water.

Municipal wastewater will be the second largest Asian segment of macrofiltration next year.  Municipalities use belt filter presses and recessed chamber filter presses to dewater sewage sludges.  In less than a decade, China has developed 30,000 mgd of municipal wastewater treatment plants.  This compares to 40,000 mgd in the U.S. However the U.S. investment has been staggered over one hundred years. Only a few thousand mgd of U.S. plants have been built since 2000.

The large majority of the new coal-fired power plants will be built in Asia in the next five years. Filter presses, automatic backwash filters and gravity media filters are used for the cooling of wastewater. Treatment purchases are enlarged by the lack of water resources and the preference for treating and using contaminated water.

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