NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                August 2013

100,000 People Who Are Changing the Worlds Environment and Access to Energy

Governments are facilitators but the real improvements in the world environment and the increasing access to clean electricity are achieved by corporations and associations.  Within these entities, it is individuals who are responsible for progress.

One hundred thousand of these individuals are identified in three McIlvaine networking directories. These individuals are employed by corporations, associations and governments. They include the senior management as well as the research and project engineers. They include the specifiers as well as the purchasers at the companies operating energy and environmental equipment.

The biggest contributions are being made by individuals in developed countries who are providing their expertise to build the energy and environmental infrastructure in the developing countries. One of the most important contributions toward the information transfer has been the globalization of the energy and environmental industries.

Two of the world’s largest power generation equipment companies now have more Chinese nationals in their employ than citizens of any other country.  The world’s largest supplier of air pollution monitoring equipment has its main research facility in China.

The major international drug companies are also setting up large research centers in China and India. The foundation of the globalization is that trust and loyalty of workers will be constant regardless of nationality.

Globalization results in higher revenues resulting from innovations. This provides a more attractive return on investment for research and development activities.

The information flow is bi-directional.  With the large number of engineers graduating each year in Asian countries, there will be increasing value in the innovations coming from this region. Already environmental and energy products developed in Asia are competing in the world market.  One Chinese environmental company has committed 30 percent of its engineering efforts to R&D.  In most Western countries the average is 1 percent.

The three networking directories are:

OEMs Networking Directory:

End User Directory:

Utility People: