NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                           OCTOBER 2013

Air Filter Market Will Exceed $6.9 Billion In 2014

The market for filters to purify air recirculating within commercial and industrial facilities as well as residences will exceed $6.9 billion next year. This is the latest forecast in Air Filtration & Purification World Market published by the McIlvaine Company.

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Cabin Air


 Other Industries






The commercial market will be the largest due to the large volume of air which must be purified. It is also a function of the selection of relatively high priced filters.  The cabin air market includes the air in the breathing zone in land vehicles as well as ships and oil platforms.

The power market reflects the use of inlet air filtration for gas turbines.  The filters used on coal-fired power plant stacks are included in a separate McIlvaine report. The gas turbine intake market is forecast to double over the next few years. One reason is the growing use of gas turbines for power generation as well as for industrial power.  The bigger reason is the movement toward high efficiency filters and away from medium efficiency filters.

New studies show that with the latest generation of high performance turbines filtration efficiency is critical.  Very small particles build up on the rotating surfaces and cause a loss in turbine output.  Switching to filters with up to four times the cost of existing filters will make such a difference in turbine performance as to quickly justify the higher cost.

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