NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                       NOVEMBER 2013

$12 Billion Fabric Filter Market in 2014

Sales of fabric filter bags and systems will be just under $12 billion in 2014. This forecast appears in World Fabric Filter and Element Market published by McIlvaine Company.

Fabric Filter Sales ($ Millions)

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The media manufacturers will generate roll goods revenues of $1.6 billion. Nearly half this total will be intracompany. In Europe and Asia, the roll goods supplier also makes the bags or sub-contracts the bag sewing.  In the U.S. the two functions are generally separate.  Some international companies such as Andrew will sell the roll goods in the U.S. but the finished bags in other parts of the world.

The equipment manufacturers can sell just the fabric filter or they can supply complete systems with ductwork, fans and dust removal.  The average installed price is more than four times the equipment price.  However, the typical system sale includes only part of the total system. On the average this amounts to 2.2 times the equipment sales revenue.

Smaller collectors used in wood working, metal grinding and for various nuisance dust applications are typically sold as equipment units. However, the fan and motor may be included and the package shipped on a skid.

Larger applications for coal-fired boiler exhausts are typically bid as complete systems. Alstom and Babcock &Wilcox are two major boiler manufacturers who are also fabric filter system suppliers.  The fabric filter systems are often sold as part of a complete boiler package. FLSmidth is both a cement kiln producer and a fabric filter system supplier.  It typically will sell a fabric filter system as part of a new kiln package.

China is the biggest growth market. Tough particulate regulations will guarantee double-digit growth in this country.

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