NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                APRIL 1914

Market for New Gas Turbines and Associated Equipment Will Exceed $29 Billion This Year

Over $29 billion will be spent for gas turbine and combined cycle systems by power plants, refineries, oil and gas producers and other industries this year. This is the forecast provided by the McIlvaine Company in Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Supplier Program.

Equipment Costs for Conventional Combined Cycle Power Plant   Rated 620 MW Equipment

% of Total

Plant Cost

Cost Per

Plant (Mil $)

Total Industry Spend Per Year (Mil $) (113 Plants)

Gas Turbine/Gen Set








Steam Turbine/Gen Set  




Pumps (major systems,   only)




Valves (major   systems, only)




Expansion Joints




Other Systems








The expenditure for repairs and replacements will also be sizable. Over $400 million will be spent just for replacement filters for the turbine air intakes.   Over $1 billion will be spent for replacement parts and complete replacement pumps and valves.

The amount spent for catalyst and for ammonia to reduce NOx will be substantial, and is anticipated to grow robustly as most new units are required to meet stringent air emission limits. The investment for treatment chemicals is also increasing as most of the new units are utilizing steam turbines in combined cycle operation.

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