NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    MAY 2014

New Approach to Deal with Avalanche of Gas Turbine Information

In the U.S., gas turbine /combined cycle (GTCC) power plants are being planned and built in record numbers. The Middle East relies on this power source for most of its electricity generation. The oil and gas industry uses GTCC both on land and at sea. The use of gas turbine power generation as a secondary source of power where wind and solar are the primary sources is becoming common. All these uses create many challenges. There is an avalanche of new information on these challenges. This quantity warrants a new approach to accessing and using the needed information.

A system called Gas Turbine/Combined Cycle Decisions includes a continuously updated website and weekly webinars. It is free of charge to power plant owner/operators.   The service includes a growing number of free subsidiary websites each displaying a segment of the information on the main website. Those already created for the program are:

The webinars scheduled in the near future are:








May 29, 2014

Valves for Gas Turbine/Combined Cycle Plants

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June 5, 2014

Dry vs. Wet Cooling

Surprising number of ACC’S. Why?

June 12, 2014

HRSG Issues (Fast Start, Tube Failures)

Lots of challenges to cycle 200 x/yr

The webinars are conducted in a discussion format so that issues can be debated. Analyses subsequent to the webinars result in a compilation of all the options which are available for specific conditions. Variables include the type and frequency of use of secondary fuels, water availability at the site, temperature, humidity, air quality and other environmental factors.

For more information, click on: Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Decisions