NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                MAY 2014

Water/Wastewater Chemicals Market Is $26 Billion to $60 Billion Depending On Your Definition

The sales of water and wastewater treatment chemicals will be anywhere from $26 billion to $60 billion this year depending on your definition.

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The definition used in these regional forecasts by the McIlvaine Company and appearing in Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals World Market is based on the scope of markets pursued by the suppliers such as GE-Betz and Nalco-Ecolab.  The forecasts do not include products used for non-water applications. They do not even include some water applications which are product oriented. Here are some of the applications not included:

  • Chemicals used in paper making.
  • Chemicals used to make a product even if they treat water.  Lime is added to scrubber slurries to make calcium sulfate.  This product is used to make gypsum wallboard.
  • Chemicals used for non-water purposes.   Some chemicals are used to treat water but are used for many other applications.
  • Chemicals which possibly should be included but are not.  Thirty some chemicals are mixed with sand and water to create a hydraulic fracturing fluid.  These chemicals are not included, but there is an argument that they should be.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals World Market does provide very specific definitions of the chemicals which are included and then provides hundreds of thousands of forecasts by chemical type, industry and country.  Therefore, the user will not be confused about what is included.

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