NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JUNE 2014

$24 Billion Will Be Spent On NOx Control Systems and Consumables This Year

Operators of combustion systems and chemical plants will spend over $24 billion this year for equipment and consumables to reduce NOx. This is the latest forecast in NOx Control World Market published by McIlvaine Company.

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 Reagent Tons




Most of the $21.6 billion invested in SCR systems will be made in Asia. China has a huge program to retrofit existing coal-fired boilers and to include SCR in new power plants. Gas- and oil- firing will account for much of the market in the rest of the world.

The market for catalyst and reagent is more dispersed.  The reason is that there is a large inventory of NOx control systems in Europe and the U.S. The catalyst expenditure of $517 million includes significant revenues in leading countries such as the U.S., Germany, Japan and China.

Over $2 billion will be spent for reagents.  Ammonia is being supplied in various forms. The cheapest and most common is anhydrous ammonia.  However, safety concerns have led some purchasers to opt for aqueous ammonia or for systems which convert urea to ammonia on site.  China has indicated a preference for this alternative.  Over 3.5 million tons of reagent (based on the equivalent anhydrous ammonia) will be consumed for NOx control this year.

One of the major disruptive technologies recently introduced is catalytic filtration.  A ceramic filter element with embedded catalyst removes both NOx and particulate. The footprint is relatively small compared to separate particulate and NOx control devices.  Efficiency is high and levelized costs promise to be attractive.

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