NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    AUGUST 2014

Environmental Catalyst Market to Exceed $7.9 Billion In 2015

Sales of environmental catalysts will exceed $7.9 billion in 2015.  This is the conclusion reached by the McIlvaine Company by aggregating forecasts in two separate reports which it publishes.

Catalyst   Revenues In 2015 For Environmental Applications


$   Millions

Stationary-Catalyst   For VOCs and Organic HAPS


Stationary   –NOx Catalyst


Mobile   Catalyst




Sales of mobile catalysts will far exceed those for stationary source applications.  Catalysts for VOC and organic hazardous air pollutants are utilized in catalytic oxidizers in the chemical, oil and gas, remediation and other industries.  Stationary NOx catalysts are primarily used in power plants. However, chemical plants, refineries and municipal waste combustion facilities also utilize these catalysts to reduce NOx to N2.

Both light duty and heavy duty automobiles and trucks use catalysts for organics and increasingly NOx reduction.  The large increase in vehicle use in Asia is a major factor in the relatively high growth rate for mobile catalyst sales.

A negative factor is the increasing popularity of natural gas and even LNG for vehicles. With large quantities of shale gas available in the U.S., there is an economic justification for natural gas use in trucks and other large vehicles.

The massive program to convert coal to gas in China will make gas an attractive mobile fuel.

The stationary NOx catalyst market is growing at 7 percent per year. The main driver is the decision by Chinese power plants to incorporate selective catalytic reduction on most coal-fired boilers.

Information on the VOCs and mobile catalyst is found in N007 Thermal Catalytic World Air Pollution Markets.

The information on stationary NOx catalyst is found at N035 NOx Control World Market