NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        SEPTEMBER 2014

Cleanroom Revenues to Exceed $14 Billion Next Year

Sales of cleanroom hardware and consumables are projected to be $14.39 billion in 2015 according to the adjusted forecasts in McIlvaine World Cleanroom Markets.


Asia will dominate the market with hardware expenditures of $4.3 billion and consumables expenditures of $4.5 billion.  The Asian market has grown rapidly due to the following factors:

  • Construction of international generic drug manufacturing plants
  • New semiconductor manufacturing facilities
  • Dominance of the region in the production of flat panel displays
  • Photovoltaic manufacturing expansion
  • General industry growth in the region

Over the last several decades the suppliers of computers and the components have increasingly outsourced the manufacturing of their proprietary chips. Taiwan has become the leading supplier of chips to the component suppliers. China is rapidly building semiconductor manufacturing plants to try to keep up with the huge demand for chips in mobile devices.

The international drug companies have been losing market share to generics manufacturers.  The strategy to compete with them is to build generic manufacturing facilities in China and India. So a number of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies have invested heavily in the region.

Hardware includes the complete cleanrooms including the HVAC systems, walls and floors.   All of these products are uniquely designed to minimize particle release to the air.  Consumables include garments, wipes, furniture and chemicals.

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