NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        FEBRUARY 2015

New Approach for Decision Making in Environment and Energy

After four decades of selling knowledge systems to operators of power plants and others with environmental challenges, the McIlvaine Company is now offering these systems at no charge to the end users around the world.

There are two comprehensive systems:

Power Plant Systems and Components

Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Decisions

There are also five technology based systems:

1ABC Fabric Filter

2ABC Scrubber/Adsorber/Biofilter Knowledge Systems

3ABC FGD and DeNOx Knowledge Systems

4ABC Electrostatic Precipitator Knowledge Systems

9ABC Air Pollution Monitoring and Sampling Knowledge Systems

The normal fees will be waived for owners and operators. The services include newsletters, free webinars and deep analysis of alternatives and other ways to provide the 4As:  Alerts, Answers and Advancement.

For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.