NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    MARCH 2015

Pump Suppliers Utilize Acquisitions for Product, Application and Geographical Growth

A number of pump company acquisitions have taken place in the last year. All of these are chronicled in Pumps World Market published by the McIlvaine Company.

Recent Pump Mergers
Purchaser Acquired   company
Nikkisso   Cryo JC   Carter
Graco White   knight
Graco High   Pressure Equipment
Graco GeoBlaster
Graco Multimaq-Pistolas
Graco QED   environmental
graco EcoQuipm
Graco Alco   Valve
Flowserve SIHI
Dover Accelerated   companies
Dover Wellmark
Haliburton Baker   Hughes
Forum   Energy J-   Mac Tools
Hidrostal Bedford   Pumps
Patterson-UTI Texas   Pressure Pumping Assets
Gorman   Rupp Bayou   City
Franklin Brazilian   pump company
Sulzer Grayson   Armature
CDR Ashton
Alfa   Laval Frank   Mohn

 Many of the purchasers of pumps are international companies and prefer to deal with suppliers who can support their projects in all areas of the world. A number of recent acquisitions are motivated by the desire to extend the geographical reach of the acquiring company.

Nearly half the acquisitions are associated with the oil and gas industry. This reflects the increased demand for high performance pumps in unconventional extraction

Several acquisitions involve expansion of pump product lines e.g. metering pumps.  Others involve the purchase of companies with compatible product lines e.g. pumps and valves.  Alfa Laval has pursued this strategy to a greater extent than most of its competitors.  It supplies not only pumps and valves but the centrifuges, filters, heat exchangers and other equipment which requires flow control. So it can supply complete systems which utilize a higher percentage of its own products than most competitors.

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