NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JUNE 2015

OEMS and Consultants Purchase or Influence Nearly Half Of All Flow Control and Treatment Products and Services

In 2015 Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies, consultants and architect engineers will purchase or influence the purchase of air, gas, water and liquid flow control and treatment products and services valued at $147 billion.   This represents nearly half all the purchases of these products.


Industry Revenues

($ Billions)

OEM   and Consultant Orders and Decisions

($   Billions)

Pumps 53 25
Valves 86 40
Liquid Filtration 46 20
Other Liquid Treatment 39 15
Indoor Air 11 4
Stack Gas Treatment and Flow 73 35
Monitoring 15 8
Total 323 147

Twenty thousand companies will average over $7 million in purchases and decisive influence.  They include some of the largest EPCs who purchase $ billions to small OEMS with purchases of less than $1 million.

Identifying these companies, their products and their locations is a challenge made increasingly difficult by the continuing acquisitions and divestitures. In order to track this activity on an organized basis, McIlvaine has created a corporate identification number. All subsidiaries can then be immediately displayed with their products, services and locations. Product Analysis by Financial Entity

One active acquirer is CECO. Here is an example of how one finds the contacts for a location. (Alternatively you can start with products or locations.)

First you identify the parent:

You then see the list of subsidiaries: 

(More than 20 other subsidiaries are listed including those in the Netherlands and China. The acquisition of Peerless is not yet complete, so none of these locations is listed.)

The sales manager will want to analyze the potential for all the subsidiaries and can do so as follows.

CECO is a significant OEM purchaser of valves.  One group also makes valves but only fiberglass, so they cannot supply their needs internally.  Duall, Fisher, Klosterman, Bush Zhongli and HEE are all potential valve purchasers for scrubber systems.  When you click on Duall, you see the products and the contacts:

  • Air Handling - FANS
  • Fabric Filter - SPRAY DRYER
  • Sedimentation - ODOR
  • Wet Scrubber - ADSORPTION
  • Wet Scrubber - AIR TOXICS
  • Wet Scrubber - ODOR CONTROL
  • Wet Scrubber - PACKED TOWERS
   Name       Title      Email      Telephone      Fax      Source  
Name Title Email Phone fax xxxx
xxxxxxxxxx Purchasing Mgr.xxxxxxx. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx
xxxxxxx Design Chemical Engineer xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx
xxxxxx General   Manager xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx

Individual sales people will use the system in various ways. One is by location.  Here is an example by zip code:

The corporate identification approach is particularly valuable in pursuing opportunities in China.  The multiple ways subsidiaries are listed and spelled makes it very confusing.  So McIlvaine provides the corporate identification link for the Chinese subsidiaries in both English and Chinese.

English Name  



Name in Mandarin
Shanghai Da Gong New Materials   690 上海大宫新材料有限公
Shanghai Dongfang Boiler Group   1287 上海东方锅炉
Shanghai Duomile Photoelectric   Instrument   671 上海多米乐光电仪器有限公
Shanghai Feng Cheng Machinery    Engineering   687 上海峰晟机械设备有限公
Shanghai Fengwei Knitting Needle   Manufacturing   786 上海丰威织针制造有限公
Shanghai Filtair Air Filter   732 上海飞特亚空气过滤有限公
Shanghai Flow Valve & Fitting   1405 上海富乐阀门管件有限

More information on the McIlvaine OEM Networking Directory is found at:

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