NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JUNE 2015

$500 Million per Year for Gas Turbine Air Filters

By 2020 gas turbine operators will spend more than $500 million/yr. for new and replacement air intake filters. This is the latest forecast in the N022 Air Filtration and Purification World Marketpublished by the McIlvaine Company.

The high rate of revenue growth is due to the following factors:

  1. Gas turbine capacity is growing rapidly due to the low capital cost of this form of power generation coupled with the low price of the fuel.
  2. The revenue stream per turbine is increasing due to the realization that more expensive and more efficient filters pay for themselves due to decreased turbine maintenance and increased turbine output.

The high efficiency filters which are replacing the medium efficiency filters are several times the price.  The filter life is slightly less.  Nevertheless, turbine operators find that turbine blades do not quickly build up a thin varnish layer of fine particles.  This deposition requires shutdowns and expensive washing cycles.  The turbine operating with a varnish layer does not deliver the same electrical capacity as a clean turbine.

Filter suppliers are being challenged to make further improvements including:

  1. Filter media which can deal with high moisture levels.
  2. Filters which can deal with the corrosive environments found on floating platforms and seashore installations.
  3. Filters which can perform with relatively low pressure loss when encountering:
    1. The high dust loads found in desert conditions
    2. Snow and ice conditions found in the artic
    3. Oily contaminants found in industrial areas

Many new media and filter designs have recently been introduced to address all these problems. Some of the solutions involve multiple stages.

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