NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JUNE 2015

$20 Billion Market for Air Pollution Solutions

Air polluters are increasingly seeking total solutions. The result is a market for suppliers with double digit growth opportunity reaching  $20 billion per year by 2025.  The scope includes initial design, installation, operational guidance and maintenance programs.  There are a number of drivers in this marketplace.

Driver Example
Complex systems with multiple control   steps Coal-fired boilers, cement kilns and   chemical processes
Valuable final  product recovery Precious metal mining
Valuable process product recovery Refinery catalyst, solvents in chemical   and surface treatment
Safety Explosive gases
Health Semiconductor toxic fumes
Potential for air pollution control system   to negatively impact operations Many industries
Lack of skilled personnel within the   plant Continuous trend
Success of remote monitoring Applicable to all pollutants and   operating parameters
Ability of suppliers to provide a lower   cost alternative Reduction of repairs, downtime, energy   consumption, etc.

The world’s information is increasing geometrically, whereas human capacity to absorb it remains fixed. The result is that knowledge now resides in narrow niches.  The purchaser no longer has staff that can equal the knowledge provided by the supplier who has the niche knowledge.

In the past, a plant only had to worry about stack opacity. The complexity of the removal task has increased greatly with regulations on NOx, mercury, acid gases and toxic metals.  The choice of NOx removal equipment affects the generation of SO3 which in turn necessitates an additional pollutant to remove.  The scrubbing option with the most environmental byproduct does not capture mercury, whereas the option which does capture mercury creates solid waste issues.

The result is that the initial design and operations is complex.  Outsourcing is, therefore, a cost effective alternative.

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