NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JULY 2015

Asian Cleanroom Consumables Market Is Growing At 7% Per Year

New flat panel, semiconductor and generic pharmaceutical plant construction in Asia is contributing to a 7 percent growth rate for the cleanroom consumables industry. This is the conclusion reached by the McIlvaine Company in World Cleanroom Markets.

Asian Cleanroom Consumables Revenue ($ Million)     

   Subject      2015  
 Total  4,507
 Disposable   Clothing  406
 Gloves  936
 Laundry  896
 Paper  67
 Reusable   Clothing  518
 Supplies  1,147
 Wipes  537

  One of the biggest segments of the market is now flat panel displays. McIlvaine tracks individual plant construction in World Cleanroom Projects.  Here are recent construction plans for flat panel facilities in China.

World Cleanroom Projects           

Startup Date      City      Project Title   Revision    Date  
2013 Chengdu Philips 9/24/2012
2013 Kunshan,   Jiangsu Province AU   Optronics (AUO) / FullVision Optoelectronics / Longfei 6/29/2011
2013 Pingtan   Island, Fujian Province PTV 1/12/2012
2013 Suzhou Samsung   Display 1/25/2013
2013 Yantai Foxconn 10/25/2013
2014 Guangzhou LG   Display-2 10/31/2014
2014 Wuxi Corning   and Samsung Display 9/10/2012
2014 Wuxi,   Jiansu Osran 7/12/2012
2015 Foshan,   Guangding Province, Shenkeng, and Shenzhen TCL   / China Star OptoElectronics Technology (CSOT) 5/21/2015
2015 Kunshan Chi   Mei Materials Technology 1/26/2015
2016 Kunshan Tunghsu   / KSGT 1/23/2015
2017 Chongqing HKC 1/26/2015
2017 Fuzhou BOE 5/21/2015

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