NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                JULY 2015

The Biggest Opportunity in Air Pollution Control Is “Total Solutions”

Owners of power plants with air pollution challenges are increasingly looking for suppliers who will provide a “Total Solution.” In the broadest sense, this can be the determination of how to meet the emission goals followed by a turnkey installation with operational and maintenance support. A webinar at 10:00 a.m. CDT on August 20 will review the opportunities and provide owners with options that are available and the advantages of each. This webinar is free of charge.

The most common explanation for the lack of “Total Solutions” knowledge in the industry is the retirement of experienced people and the lack of replacements. McIlvaine contends that the real reason is the explosion of knowledge.  The complex technology options and support knowledge available to the young engineer are an order of magnitude greater than to his predecessor.  If he does not have the same full grasp of the knowledge, it is because there is ten times as much to try to assimilate.

This gap between user and supplier knowledge is greatest in developing countries.   It is also true in China where much development has taken place, but there are still many areas where international companies have far superior knowledge.

Plant owners are increasingly aware of this inadequacy. They can readily be persuaded to pay suppliers for the solution. Here are some of the factors justifying an outside vendor solution.

Factor Example
Complex   systems with multiple control steps Coal-fired boilers,   cement kilns, chemical processes, aluminum rolling mills
Valuable   final product recovery Precious   metal mining
Valuable process   product recovery Refinery catalyst,   solvents in chemical and surface treatment
Difficult compliance   with air permit Many   industries in many countries where even start up and shut down emissions   are important.  McIlvaine is helping a large Chinese power plant which   must meet zero liquid discharge requirements
Safety Explosive   gases
Health Semiconductor toxic   fumes
Potential   for air pollution control system to negatively impact operations Many   industries
Lack   of skilled personnel within the plant Continuous   trend
Success   of remote monitoring Applicable   to all pollutants and operating parameters
Ability   of suppliers to provide a lower cost alternative Reduction   of repairs, downtime, energy consumption, etc.

The options available include:

Options Example
Preliminary system   design CECO   offers CFD modeling and design for rolling mill fume control including   the important industrial ventilation ductwork to reduce air volume
Turnkey   system with unique combination of pollution control devices Megtec   sewage sludge incineration systems with oxidizer, scrubber and wet   precipitator.  Tri Mer supplies PM2.5 NOx reduction   and acid gas capture in one device
Turnkey   system with total operational control FLS   offers this option for cement kilns
System   and reagent integration Dürr   and ClearChem supply pulverized limestone injection in the furnace followed   by a catalytic filter
BOO   and by-product sales MET   offers this system to convert SO2 to ammonium sulfate fertilizer
Remote   monitoring of operations Many   examples
Guaranteed cost bag   replacement program Supplier   monitors operations and replaces bags as needed at a fixed yearly cost
Routine   service programs Replace   all parts in system, regular inspections, continuous remote monitoring

The webinar will be free of charge to both suppliers and plant owners.  McIlvaine will be compiling a decision guide with assistance from the suppliers over the next few weeks.  Those with information on Total Solutions which they would like to share should contact Bob McIlvaine at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   847 784 0012 ext. 112

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