NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        SEPTEMBER 2015

World Market for Air and Water Monitoring to Rise to be $31 - $33 Billion in 2019 Depending on the Chinese Growth Rate

China will spend more than $1.7 billion for power plant air and water monitoring in 2015.  This represents 40 percent of the world’s power plant air and water monitoring purchases.  The total monitoring market for all industries will be $29 billion of which China represents 17 percent. China will be the leading continuous emissions monitoring purchaser in 2015 with forecasted purchases of $750 million. Residential/commercial HVAC air monitoring purchases in China will be $1.9 billion in 2015.

The uncertainty relative to future growth in the Chinese economy makes the prediction of the 2019 world market more difficult.  At an economic growth rate of 7 percent in China, the world market in 2019 will be $33 billion.


At 7 percent annual economic growth through 2019 continuous emission monitoring and residential HVAC expenditures will be at about the same level as in 2015.  The reason is that 2015 revenues are at a high point and cannot be expected to keep increasing.  At a 2 percent economic growth rate in China, there would be a substantial reduction in air and water monitoring purchases in that country.  The result would be a world market in 2019 of only $31 billion.

McIlvaine is revising air and water monitoring forecasts quarterly in N031 Air and Water Monitoring: World Market. This example focused just on the Chinese economy could be misleading due to the fact that many variables have to be taken into account in each quarterly change.  China is a leading purchaser but other trends could be more significant.

One of the significant variables is the price of oil. The oil and gas industry is a mid-range purchaser of air and water monitoring.  These prices also indirectly impact other market segments.  The political situation in Southern Europe, Russia and other countries is important and constantly changing. 

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