InterWebviews™ are hosted discussions with recorded presentations by your experts. The recordings are uploaded to YouTube with strategic links and are experiencing up to 3500 viewers each.

The best information is no longer in brochures and catalogs.  It resides on your laptop power point presentations. Here are some tips on leveraging this resource;

Cost and Process


The following presentations have averaged more than 1000 viewers and some have experienced over 3000.


Language Subject (Click title to view recording)
Yokogawa English Nh3 Measurement
Sick English Cement MACT Monitoring
Tekran English Mercury Monitoring
Snowpure English Electrodeionization
Atlas  Copco English Screw Compressors
Boerger English Rotary Pump
CBI Chinese Mercury Removal
Wahlco Chinese Urea to Ammonia

To set up an InterWEBview™ or to ask questions please contact Bob Mcilvaine, Ross Ardell or Denise Flasch at 847-784-0012 or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.