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Forward Osmosis Decision Guide in preparation

The value of forward osmosis technology is being hotly debated as the interest grows and new  opportunities are uncovered. Unlike other membrane technologies forward osmosis is very seldom a stand alone process.  It can be used to convert tomato juice to tomato paste but then you have a diluted salt solution with which to contend.  The energy savings comes from the creation of a higher salinity draw solution.  One approach is to create draw solutions from which fresh water can be easily extracted.  This requires energy.  Choosing the best draw solution to minimize the separation energy is the key to the success of this approach.

Another approach involves using a draw solution which benefits from the additional water.  The perfect example is  seawater RO brine.  Water can be extracted from high strength wastewaters to dilute the salinity of the brine being returned to the ocean.  This makes the brine return more environmentally acceptable.  Liquid fertilizers provide another interesting option under the category of Fertigation.

A third approach is to utilize FO in a more complex series of treatment steps.  For example; If it can reduce the size and cost of an evaporator the economics could be attractive.

FO has been utilized or  pilot tested in many different applications in power, oil and gas, food, mining and other industries.  Due to the complimentary aspect of the technology there are many different uses to investigate.  In order to help the industry stay abreast of these developments Mcilvaine is creating a Forward Osmosis Decision Guide. This effort should be complimentary to the extensive efforts undertaken by the internatonal Forward Osmosis Association and others.  In fact links to the ongoing work by various groups is provided in the decision guide.

The Forward Osmosis Decision Guide is displayed on a standalone website for which a password is required.  At this point in time it is free to all prospective users. Ultimately it will be free to FO system operators and would be owners but others will pay a fee.

The guide is segmented into:

  • Overview
  • Applications
  • Systems
  • Membranes
  • Solutes
  • Suppliers

Each power point is displayed with an area for questions and comments.  Users are encouraged to  send back their comments/questions to a particular slide.  These comments will then be posted  on that power point (organized version of a blog).  Users are also encouraged to supply power points which will be considered for inclusion but with some editing.

For more information and to receive your password click on: http://home.mcilvainecompany.com/index.php?option=com_rsform&formId=74