42EI Utility Tracking System   $3020.00/yr (Additional Users $250/yr)  Click here to order
An integrated system provides the latest retrofit and new project and contact information supplemented by analyses and forecasts. It covers every coal-fired boiler in each country except China. A weekly email alert has the latest project and regulatory information. The databases cover existing combustion, steam cycle, cooling and back end equipment. It provides projected start date and details on additions such as air, water, material handling and optimization projects. Over 500 hours of recorded webinars are included along with new bi weekly webinars.

Utility Tracking System has Details on All Coal Fired Operators Around the World

For more information: Click here                     Sample Utility E-Alerts:  May 10, 2019,  May 17, 2019,  May 24, 2019                    Sample FGD Newsletter


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