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Continually updated analyses and forecasts of cross flow microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and ultrafiltration systems and membranes in 80 countries and regions with separate forecasts for each application from desalination to wine clarification. News Updates. Directory, Market Shares, Recorded Webinars. Application Analyses.

RO/UF/MF World Markets provides forecasts of equipment and membranes in each industry and each country through 2024.  It is further segmented into reverse osmosis, ultra and nanofiltration, and microfiltration.  A supplementary report on membrane bio reactors is also included. A networking directory provides information on thousands of companies supplying equipment, membranes, chemicals and components.  There is evaluation of ceramic vs polyermic membranes.  The report is continuously updated. A market share hierarchy analysis starts with basics such as food production in each country and then the membrane investment per unit of production in each segment.  Processes such as desalination and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) are analyzed and the associated membrane markets determined.  New developments such as forward osmosis are continually reported.  Purchases by the top 100 customers are also included.  Details on the report are provided in a YouTube video https://youtu.be/ztJq9A6n76g

A supplementary report on Membrane Biorreactors is also included: Details are found at:  http://home.mcilvainecompany.com/index.php/other-services/free-news/news-releases/47-news/1537-nr2543

A video describing the contents is accessed at: https://youtu.be/35Hsuqv6MaI