Meet our People




Bob McIlvaine founded the McIlvaine Company in 1974 and has a BA degree from Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. He has provided consulting to many European companies and has conducted dozens of water related studies. He has also coordinated research projects for EPA, DOE, DOJ, Environment Canada and other government organizations.




Marilyn McIlvaine is the Executive Vice President of the McIlvaine Company. For twenty-five years she served as its Managing Editor. Her present focus is on the company’s renewable energy publications. She received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Purdue University. 



Ross Ardell isVice President and has more than 20 years with the company and an aeronautical background.  He is currently in charge of our IT operations.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Technology from Purdue University. 




Norman Anderson is an analyst for McIlvaine. He formerly was the U.S. ambassador to Sudan. He also held the rank of ambassador in Macedonia, representing the 53 member-states of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Norm received his bachelors and masters degrees from Columbia University, New York. He is the author of Sudan in Crisis: The Failure of Democracy, and is currently working on a new book on Islamic fundamentalism.



Mary Anderson  has been a McIlvaine editor for twenty years and currently writes the monthly newsletter Site Remediation and Emergency Response. Previously, she published the biweekly report “Environmental Business in the Former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe”. She is a former director of the U.S. Department of State Field School for Arabic in Tunisia. Mary is a graduate of Stanford University and has a master’s degree from Columbia University, School of International Affairs.

Jim Downey is a senior consultant at McIlvaine presently working on mercury capture markets. Prior work includes management of an environmental division of Horiba instruments which included oversight for both European and American operations. Jim holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and an M.B.A. in Finance and Marketing from Pepperdine University.



Debra Fox is an analyst for McIlvaine. She is a former Environmental attorney for Amoco where she advised senior management on environmental issues.  Debra has engineering and business degrees, as well as manufacturing plant experience. Her credentials include J.D., cum laude Arizona State University, 1985; M.B.A., Finance Rockhurst College, 1982; B.S. Architectural Engineering, cum laude University of Kansas, 1978; Bach. Environmental Design University of Kansas, 1978.




Donna Hanrahan is a Systems Engineer consultant specializing in database/web design, computer programming and application development. She has more that thirty years of experience in the computer field. Prior to her work at McIlvaine, she was a Senior Systems Analyst for Kraft Foods in Glenview, IL. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University. 



Ann James is editor of the World Pump Market Report and Industrial Market Report for McIlvaine Company. She has served as analyst for special projects including high pressure desalination pumps, high volume pump systems and water optimization for power plants. She received a bachelor’s degree from Westminster College, PA and a master’s degree from Northwestern University. 



Gangjian Li is the project manager at the Shanghai Office of McIlvaine Company. He received his masters degree in Chemical & Environmental Engineering in 2002, and now is an engineer with six years of work experience. 


Joe Schwartz is a former executive with GE Enertech (air monitoring instrumentation).



Tom Tschanz is a Senior Consultant with the McIlvaine Company. Prior professional experience includes work in the electric utility, HVAC, and flow measurement industries, working for companies including S&C Electric Company, ITT McDonnell & Miller, and Liquid Controls. Tom earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Marquette University, has been trained in Six Sigma and Total Quality Management & Lean Manufacturing, and is a named inventor on two U.S. patents.



Karen Vacura is an editor and analyst with the McIlvaine Company. Her responsibilities include air and liquid filtration markets and research activities. She has been the lead analyst on a number of market studies. Karen earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois, College of Business.





Patty Warner graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Loyola University of Chicago, June 1993. She earned her CPA in November 1993. She has been an analyst at the McIlvaine Company for 20 years. Patty researches GDP and population forecasts for the McIlvaine World Market for Your Products Report.