Power Plant Decisions

Decision makers now have unique new systems to make the many complex investment and operating choices.  One system addresses coal-fired power generation:

44I Power Plant Air Quality Decisions  (Power Plant Decision Orchard)

The other system covers all aspects of gas turbine and combined cycle plant operation:

59D Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Decisions

Both systems use new tools for easy access to comprehensive information. Each is a decision orchard with multiple Deceision Guides and a 4A's operating system.

Decision Programs



Decision Orchard

A website with articles, analysis, recorded webinars
InterWEBviews™ and intelligence database which is continually updated (free to end users but not others)

Decision Guides

Route maps and summaries of decision paths for specific areas in the orchard

4As Operating System

The operating system for the decision orchard with Alerts, Answers, Analysis and Advancement

Many summaries and route maps are under preparation. Here are two in the Power Plant Air Quality Decisions:

SO3 Fast Track Global Decision Guide

Hot Gas Filtration Global Decision Guide

Here is an example in the Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Decisions:

Gas Turbine Air Treatment Global Decision Guide

Both knowledge systems are free of charge to power plant operators around the world. Others have access through yearly subscriptions.

Additional Services for Suppliers

There are additional services to help suppliers pursue the markets. 

59EI Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Supplier Program includes the Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Decisions but also includes market forecasts, new project data and details on existing turbine installations throughout the world.

42EI Utility Tracking System covers the coal fired generation activity in all areas of the world except China.

42EIC Chinese Utility Plans provides plant and project data on the very large coal fired generation network in China.

The Guides and InterWebviews™ provide access to both subscribers and non subscribers.  This can be incorporated into a whole program.

Suppliers can contribute to Power Plant Decisions and effectively pursue the market with the 4 Lane Knowledge Bridge to the End User